Activation explained

Step 1:


Click on the Start button, Programs, Shakti [Hindi/Tamil/Telugu/] and any one of the application.



Step 2:


Now click on the Yes button in the Activate Shakti Message Box.



Step 3:


Then click on the Through Internet Option and click Finish.



Step 4:


Now place the cursor over the Activation Key value and right click Select All to copy the value.



Step 5:


Click on any one of the links under the Products e.g. Shakti [Hindi/Tamil/Telugu/]




Step 6:


Click on the New User link.


Note: If you have already registered with please skip Step 7 and enter the Email ID and Password. This will take you to Step 8.



Tip: Use the same registered email id at to retrieve any number of passwords for any CD Key.







Step 7:


Enter the requested data like Name, Address, City, State, Country, Zip, Email, Password, Confirm Password and Phone Number. Click on Submit button.


Step 8:


In this screen, Enter the CD-Key, then you can either enter the activation key or paste (refer Step 4) and click on the Get Password button.


Step 9:


Note down the value displayed in the Password e.g. PTNLHCRSM4ILPHUH.




Step 10:


Enter or paste the password collected from internet in the Activate Shakti Password and click OK.



Now Shakti has been activated in your system.


Thanks for your support.